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Antiarthritic – Antirheumatic – Antiarthritic

Regenerator of articular cartilage – Antiezimático

Regeneration of Cartilage in Shock Treatment.

Even the most incipient cartilage problems cause pain that threaten the performance of horses exposed to high demands.

ACS LTF – 16% Chondroitin Sulfate Acid – is a habitual and highly recognized product in San Isidro, Palermo and La Plata racecourses where Carrera Pure Bloods find a highly effective relief reaching its maximum performance. The pain happens because ACS LTF remits the injury. Other sport horses, such as Trotadores, Salto, Polo, Endurance, also maintain optimal legs and hands thanks to ACS LTF 16%

Its extension to the treatment of cartilage problems in dogs and cats, has been highly efficient, especially with sheep and large animals.

The injectable formula allows the initiation of treatments with rapid effects, which can be continued in the same way or with oral ACS LTF. (See technical notes)


Chondroitin sulfate

Sodium salt dihydrate: 16 g.

Thimerosal: 0.003 g.

Sterile injectable water C.S.P .: 100 ml.

Therapeutic Action

Arthritis, osteoarthritis, coxarthrosis, hip dysplasia, osteoarthrosis, chondropathies, post-operative fractures, osteochondriasis, conroprotective and chondroreparative. Hydrarthrosis, capsulitis, synovitis, osteitis periplantar and angular of 3rd phalanx.

Spondylosis, ankylosing spondyloarthrosis, calcification of the invertebral discs, loose carpus syndrome in large breeds, ptosis in pseudoescorbuto ears, chondrodystrophies in the postoperative period of aesthetic otoplasia, genu valgum, feline fibrous osteodystrophy, tendon repairs, joint postoperatives, desmitis, tendinitis, Degenerative joint disease (EDA).

Dosage and method of administration

Given the safety of the product, it is recommended to administer an application at intervals of 1 to 4 days according to the severity of the present lesion and the criteria of the acting physician.

Horses: Intramuscular route

Each 100 Kg PV ……………………. 1 cc

10 average total applications are suggested.

Canines and Felines: Subcutaneous and / or intramuscular route.

Up to 10 Kg of PV ………….. 1 cc

From 10 to 30 Kg of PV ……… 2 cc

Of more than 30 Kg of PV ….. 2.5 cc

Given the excellent safety margin of the active principle and its excipients, the doses and time of treatment will be according to the criteria of each acting Veterinarian.


Collateral effects: does not present.

Conservation: between 5º and 35º C. Sheltered from direct sunlight.


It does not present.

Side effects: does not present.


Bottle x 25 ml.


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Weight 90 g

11 × 6 × 6 cm


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