Buta-Fenil polvo – Tornel – 3g


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Phenylbutazone. anti-inflammatory, analgesic and antirheumatic. Oral powder.

Each 3 g sachet contains: Phenylbutazone 2 g, Excipient, c.b.p. 3 g.

In the treatment of arthritis that manifests itself with intense pain and muscle injuries that occur in horses subjected to intense work (racing, jumping, charrería and polo). BUTA-FENIL® ORAL POWDER is indicated to treat injuries to the locomotor system and spinal column (paralysis due to compression of the nerve endings, at the level of the intervertebral discs), also in blows and inflammations that, due to pain, alter behavior and the pattern of movement in the affected animal. It can be used to treat acute laminitis, spondylitis, osteoarthritis, tendonitis, acute tendosynovitis, capsulitis, bursitis and rheumatism, reducing pain and inflammation of tissues, as well as fever in viral infections. The active substance of this product is phenylbutazone, which is a pyrazolonic derivative, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory, its mechanism of action is as an inhibitor of prostaglandin synthesis.

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