Cumeverm – Agropharma – Syringe 25 g.


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Internal Antiparasitic of large spectrum. Oral.

Vermicidal. Larvicidal. Ovicidal. Indicated in gastrointestinal parasitic treatment of the equines. Activ against big and small Strongylus. Pascaris equorum. Gasterophilus sp (worm of the abomasum). Oxyuris equi and Dictyocaulus amfieldi.

Mebendazole 14 g.
Metrifonate (trichlorfon) 48 g.
Excipients csp. 100 g.
Apple tasting c.s.

5 grams every 100 kg. p.v. The treatment can be repeated after 4 or 6 weeks. After administer the dose, it is advisable to give the euine something to drink. Buccal Way.

Discardable Syringe 25 g.


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