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The Acatlán V-319 strain is the only rabies virus strain of vampire origin, which increases its specificity. DERRIENFINE VACCINE AGAINST DERRIENGUE® ACATLÁN V-319 strain is made with modified live virus and attenuated in cell cultures, which induces a solid and long-lasting immunity. DERRIENFINE VACCINE AGAINST DERRIENGUE® ACATLÁN V-319 strain provides an important safety margin, since the vaccine virus multiplies in the inoculated animal until it reaches the virus levels required to achieve active immunization. DERRIENFINE VACCINE AGAINST DERRIENGUE® ACATLÁN V-319 strain is effective in vaccinating active epizootic outbreaks, thus reducing mortality and the spread of the disease; its effectiveness at the field level has been fully proven. DERRIENFINE VACCINE AGAINST DERRIENGUE® CEPA ACATLÁN V-319 is used by the National Campaign Against Derriengue, according to the Official Mexican Standard NOM-011-SSA2-1993, for the prevention and control of rabies. DERRIENFINE VACUNA CONTRA EL DERRIENGUE® CEPA ACATLÁN V-319 complies with the Official Mexican Standard NOM-035-ZOO-1996, which indicates the minimum requirements for vaccines and antigens used in the prevention and control of rabies in domestic species.

Cattle, horses, goats, sheep.

Administer 2 mL. It is recommended to administer after 3 months of age and to apply revaccination every year.

Intramuscular or subcutaneous.

Keep out of the reach of children and pets. Keep protected from light, refrigerated at a temperature of 4ºC to 8ºC. Do not freeze. Once reconstituted, the entire suspension should be used. Vaccinate only healthy animals. Use by prescription and under the supervision of the Veterinarian. Veterinary use. Your purchase requires a medical prescription. Consult the Veterinarian. This product is for veterinary use only.

Each mL contains:
Modified live bovine paralytic rabies virus vaccine (Acatlán V-319 strain); not less than 103.3 DLR 50% / dose.
Vehicle, c.b.p. 1 m

Bottle with 10 + 1 dose
Bottle with 22 mL of diluent.

Distributed for Mexico.


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