Dexametasona – Aranda – 50ml


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Sterile injectable solution of steroidal anti-inflammatory drug, which is indicated for use in all
the species.

Dexamethasone Injection Aranda

Sterile injectable solution of steroidal anti-inflammatory.
Each mL contains:
Dexamethasone 21 phosphate …….. 2.25 mg
Vehicle c.b.p. ……………………….. 1 mL
For veterinary use.
Your purchase requires a medical prescription.
20 and 50 mL flask.

Sterile solution indicated as a steroidal anti-inflammatory in all species, inducer
of childbirth; Likewise, it is useful in anaphylactic shock, allergic processes,
induced lactation and some metabolic diseases in ruminants such as ketosis.
It is also used for cerebral edema, adrenal hyperplasia, adrenal insufficiency,
poisonings and poisonings.
Adjuvant in rheumatological diseases, tendo-synovitis, bursitis, anemia
hemolytic and in fl ammatory diseases that do not respond to conventional therapy.

Cattle and horses: 8 to 20 mg (3.5 to 8.8 mL).
Sheep and goats, pigs: 4 to 8 mg (1.77 to 3.55 mL).
Canines and felines: 0.4 to 2 mg (0.17 to 0.88 mL).
Parturition inducer in sheep: 0.15 mg / PC / day (0.06 mL / PC / day).
Acetonemia, non-specific skin diseases, shock and stress: 15 to 90 mg / PC / day
(0.06 to 1.04 mL / PC / day).
Route of administration:
Intramuscular or Intravenous.

Distributed from Mexico


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