DexamineFLU – IDEX – 50ml


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Dexamine FLU / New Formula

Idexx Animal Health Laboratory

It has been perfectly proved that corticosteroid therapy is highly useful in the treatment of varied acute or chronic inflammatory conditions, especially those in the collagen tissue. The use of injectable corticosteroids of immediate and prolonged action facilitates the dosage and keeps the animal for longer time under the action of the medicine with a single injection dose.
Indication: Acute and Chronic inflammatory disorders of the locomotive system (myositis, tendinitis, osteoarthritis), shock, allergies, inflammatory disorders of the respiratory airways, and neonatal disadjustment syndrome.

Dose and administration:
– Adult equines: 5 – 10ml before the event. Administer by Subcutaneous, intramuscular or endovenous route.

Presentation: Vial x 50ml


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