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Central nervous system traumas (cranium and spinal cord) Medullar compression and lumbar dorsal myalgia of neurologic origin. Endotoxemia. Laminitis. Pneumonia. Pleurisy. Septic arthritis. Neonatal meningitis. Eastern equine encephalomyelitis. Equine protozoal myeloencephalomyelitis. EIPH.

COMPOSITION: Dimethyl Sulfoxide 100% sterile

PRESENTATION: Vials containing 50 and 100 mL.

DOSAGE: If used for CNS conditions, neonatal maladjustment syndrome, or when an important diuretic effect is required, the dose will be 1 mL/kg/day, in solution at 20%. The total daily dose must be split in 2 applications, with a difference of 8 to 12 hours between them. In case of endotoxemia, the dose varies between 0.1 and 0.5 mL/kg/day, also split in two applications. The length of the treatment, except otherwise indicated by the acting professional, will be from 3 to 5 days. In case of septic arthritis, the D.M.S.O. is included in the solution for articular lavage, in approximate 20%. In cases of medullar compression or lumbar dorsal myalgia, it is 2mL diluted in 40/50 mL of physiological solution, generally with lidocaine and corticoids. When dealing with less serious disorders such as bronchitis or EIPH a dose of 10mL once or twice a day should be sufficient, always diluting the drug in physiological saline solution with the percentages above mentioned.

ROUTE OF ADMINISTRATION: Intravenous, intra-articular, epidural. It must not be administered via intra-muscular route.  To be used in sport horses. Do not administer to horses that might be used for human food consumption.

PREPARATION OF SOLUTION: Due to its possibility of producing intravascular hemolysis, when used pure, the D.M.S.O. must be diluted at 20%. Perfusion must be slow, because the higher speed of the injection, the more possibilities of hemolysis. Physiological solution or dextrose solution 5% can be used for dilution.

INCOMPATIBILITIES, CONTRAINDICATIONS, RESTRICTIONS OF USE: Due to its weak anticholinesterase property, its use concurrently with organophosphates or other cholinesterase inhibitors should be avoided. It must not be used in animals under anesthesia or when an acute renal failure is presumed. It must not be administered to pregnant mares or to animals for human consumption.

CONSIDERATIONS: Since it was discovered, more than 30 pharmacological properties have been found in the D.M.S.O. The most important ones for the Clinical Veterinary are the following: 1) Anti-inflammatory: Obviously, the main property; it produces this effect through multiple mechanisms, such as the purification of free radicals, the inhibition of polymorphonuclear cells, the modulation of the cells that are responsible for the immune response, the lysosomal stabilization and the inhibition of fibroblastic proliferation. 2) Diuretic: It is osmotic, and due to its nature, it drags water to the urine. It has been proved to be much more useful than furosemide or mannitol in cases of CNS edema. 3) Anti-ischemic: this action is produced through hydroxyl neutralization, its interaction with prostaglandins, thromboxane and platelet system, and due to its vasodilator ability; that is why it is indicated in intestinal ischemia situations, such as torsions and obstructions, laminitis, etc. 4) Vascular endothelia protector: this property is mainly caused by the depuration of free radicals; it has been specially seen in endothelial cells of the CNS.

TOXICITY: The D.M.S.O. is considered a low toxicity therapeutic agent. LD50 in mice, rats, cats and dogs is between 2.5 and 8.9g/kg. In only one intravenous dose, ocular lesions produced in rabbits and dogs appeared when the doses employed were much higher than the therapeutic ones and the drug was applied for a much longer period than the therapeutic indication. In horses and non-human primates these lesions could not be reproduced. Regarding the presumed nephrotoxicity, it appeared due to the intravascular hemolysis, rather than to a specific nephrotoxic effect of the dimethyl sulfoxide.

NOTE: Since the product will be used under circumstances that are not under the manufacturers control, the manufacturer shall not be liable for the consecuences arisen from the inappropriate use of the product.


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