Electromas – Agropharma – 20x 50gr


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Prevention and treatment of lost of electrolytes in diarrheas, colics, excessive sweat, etc. in every species.

Soluble powder. Oral.

Every 100 gr. contain:
Magnesium Carbonate 4 gr.
Magnesium Oxide 3 gr.
Sodium Bicarbonate 39 gr.
Potasium Chloride 8 gr.
Calcium Chloride 3 gr.
Sodium Chloride 43 gr.

diluite in 2 Lts. of water the containing of an envelope (50 gr.), shake up to dilution and adminitrate 1 or 2 times a day for 2-3 days. Then disminish to the half and begin to administrate the milky subtitutes (1 Lt. x meal) during 2 days, up to being again in a normal level of nutrition. In bacterian diarrheas cases, antibiotics may be administrated.

Adult Equines:
1 envelope (50 gr.) diluit in water or administrated by nasoesophageal sounding, it is enough for compensating the electrolyte losts produced for a regular work. In cases of diarrheas, colics, etc. duplicate the dose.

Canines and Felines:
0,5-2 gr. A day.
It does not contain glucose.

Packing x 1 kg.
(20 envelopes x 50 gr. each).


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