EQUI BLOC – Equisystems – 100ml


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It is intended for pain relief and muscle inflammation, indicated for myositis, muscle contractions, myalgia, etc. Its effect can last between 1 and 2 weeks, and it can be perceived approximately 2 hours after injected. It is designed to be applied in big muscle groups, such as the shoulder, croup, back-loin, etc. It can be used in its pure form or it can be associated with antibiotics, local anesthetic, etc., according to the acting professional’s criteria. If combined or diluted, the ammonium chloride’s concentration should not be lower than 0.75 %.

COMPOSITION: Ammonium chloride 1.50 g Dexamethasone 21 phosphate 0.04g. Ethanol 96% – 7 mL Phenol 0.50 g Distilled water q.s. 100 mL

PRESENTATION: Vial containing 100 mL

DOSAGE: The dose to be applied depends on the size of the area to be treated. Usually, 100 mL in each shoulder or croup will be enough. These quantities may be modified according to the acting professional’s criteria. The recommendation is to apply 5 mL in each injection site, removing the needle at the same time it is injected.

ROUTE OF ADMINISTRATION: Intramuscular only (infiltrations).


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