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Reversible block of nerve fibers, myositis, muscle contractions, degenerative joint disease, bursitis, synovitis, periostitis.

COMPOSITION: Ammonium chloride 2 g Benzyl alcohol 1 mL Distilled water q.s. 100 mL

PRESENTATION: Ampoule containing 50 mL.

ADMINISTRATION: Subcutaneous (perineural), intramuscular, intraarticular, intrabursal, intrasynovial.

DOSAGE: It depends on the area or nerve to block: Digital nerves: 2 – 4 mL Palmar nerves: 3 – 5 mL Peroneal and tibial nerves: 5 – 10 mL Dorsal metacarpal or intermetacarpal periostitis: 5 a 8 mL Podotrochlear bursa: 3 – 8 mL In intraarticular applications, 3 – 6 mL, according to the size of the joint. In intramuscular applications, the dose will depend on the size of the area to treat. Approximate dose of 50 mL per each croup or shoulder; apply in scattered points of 5 mL. These doses are only for guidance and may be modified pursuant to the acting professional’s criteria.

PREPARATION OF THE SOLUTION TO INJECT: The product could, eventually, be applied in its pure form, without dilution, according to the acting professional’s criteria, but it is also formulated to be diluted with substances such as corticoids, antibiotics, local anesthetics (lidocaine), physiology solution and distilled water. If combined or diluted, the final concentration of the Ammonium chloride should not be lower than 0.7 %; ideally 1-1.2%. The concentration of the original product makes it possible to add the same volume of other compatible liquid drugs. Once diluted, use immediately.

Length of the treatment: It depends on the type of disorder and the response to the treatment. Although one application is generally enough, in chronic cases more applications may be necessary, every 15- 21 days.

Equipin, equi-pin, equi pin


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