Gamma Equino – Agropharma – 50ml


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Adjuvant in the treatment with fluid therapy and inespecific inmunotherapy. Hemorrhagies. Burn. Surgery and/or traumatic Shock. Post-surgeries diseases. Inmunodeficiencies. In all those pathologic symtoms with lost or absence of plasmatic factors.

Hyperinmun plasma counterpart, inespecific, lyophilized.

Equines Plasma lyophilized 20 ml.

Endovenous, intramuscular, oral way, instilaciones, nebulizaciones.
Instilación bronchial, uterina, gutural: 100-300 ml.,1 or 2 times a week.
Inmunodeficiencies in potros: 200 ml. 3 to 5 times during the first 24 hours of live.
Fluid therapy by EV way, as the case or the criteriom of the professional; guide dose: 300-500 ml.
Nebulizaciones: 25 ml. 2 times a day during 1 week.
Coadyuvante in inmunotherapy inespecific: EV way, 100-500 ml.
In all the cases, put all the diluent in the bottle with plasmaliofilizado. Shake.

Bottle x 50 ml


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