Hemoproduvet – Cimol – 50ml


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Feed-Related, infectious, parasitic, post-hemorrhagic or post-surgery anemias. Lost of weight by deficient feeding. Exhaustion. Convalescence. In the majority of the pathological states where it is desired to increase to the hemoglobin and the hematopoiesis. Rigorous training. Asthenia. Weakness. In order to maintain the requirements during the gestation, lactation and gestation of the animal and also the sexual activity of the stallion ones.

L-Lysine 1 g; L-Triptofane 0,5 g; L-Histidine 1 g; D. L-Methionine 2 g; Sodium Cacodylate 3,5 g; Ammoniacal Iron Citrate 2,5 g; Cobalt Acetate 0,05 g; Copper Acetate 0,05 g; Magnesium Chloride 0,025 g; Manganesium Chloride 0,1 g; Cyanocobalamin 0,01 g; Bidestilated Water c.s.p. 50 ml.

Application Method
Intramuscle, intravein or subcutan injection.

Dose and Posology
Dose of 10 ml every 2 days (five applications). In serious cases 10 ml daily during five days, rest during 10 or 15 days and repeat.

Bottles of 50 ml.


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Weight 145 g

14 × 8 × 8 cm


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