Hippiron – Zoetis – 20ml


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HIPPIRON solution for injection. Prevention and treatment of iron deficiency anemia in horses. Do not use this medicine in the following cases: Hypersensitivity to the active substance or to any of the excipients. Anemias not caused by iron deficiency. Hemochromatosis and / or hemosiderosis. Hepatic or kidney pathologies, asthma and / or progressive chronic polyarthritis.

Hippiron 20 ml bottle

Active ingredient: Each mL contains: Iron sucrose [Ferric hydroxide-sucrose complex] 20 mg. (Equivalent to 20 mg of iron (III)). INTRAVENOUS

Hippiron is recommended in the treatment of anemic processes attributable to iron deficiencies. Likewise, it is indicated in cases in which the presence of pre-anemic syndrome is determined. Indicated to improve performance in competition horses by acting as a cellular oxygenation element. Indicated before and after surgery to stimulate the appetite and during the breeding season in stallions as well as in females. Assistant in the preparation of competition horses.

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