Lapicor – Lapisa – 50ml


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Dexamethasone is an anti-inflammatory, gluconeogenic and anti-stress, synthetic analog of prednisolone.

Dexamethasone base (As 21 Dexamethasone Phosphate) 2 mg
Vehicle c.b.p. 1 m L.

Due to its powerful gluconeogenic effect, it is indicated in the treatment of primary bovine ketosis; Due to its powerful anti-inflammatory effect, it is indicated in the treatment of acute or chronic inflammations in any animal species: arthritis and various osteoarthritis, rheumatism, myositis, dermatitis, rashes, pruritus, etc. It is also indicated as support therapy in infections such as shipping fever, mastitis, metritis, and pyelonephritis, coupled with adequate primary antibiotic therapy. Also as an anti-inflammatory in cases of acute mastitis, pneumonia, laminitis and retention of the placenta.

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