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The product is intended to cause analgesia in big muscle masses. The pain reduction is mainly produced by the neurolytic effect of the ammonium chloride, acting as an adjuvant of the dimethyl sulfoxide. It is indicated in myositis, chronic myalgia, and in muscle contractions.

COMPOSITION: Each 100 mL contain: Ammonium chloride 1.50 g D.M.S.O 15.00 mL Ethanol 96% 7.00 mL Phenol 0.50 g Distilled water q.s. 100 mL

DOSAGE: It has no preventive indication. As it is a local action drug, the dosage is not calculated by live weight, but depending on the size of the area to be treated. Usually, 50 mL via intramuscular route in each shoulder or 100 mL in each croup will be enough; these quantities may be modified according to the acting professional’s criteria. An application of 5 mL in each injection site is recommended, removing the needle as it is injected. If symptoms appear again, the application can be repeated. The effect of the treatment may last from 7 to 15 days.

CONTRAINDICATIONS AND PRECAUTIONS FOR USE: Do not use in animals that are sensitive to the active principle or to excipients. Do not use in pregnant mares.
Its use is contraindicated when the lesion to be treated may get worse with the treatment (acute myositis, recent muscle tears) or when the block implies risk for the animal or the horseman.
Do not apply to infected tissues or with acute inflammation.
It must not be mixed in the same syringe with other drugs that might cause the precipitation of the active principle.
Please follow the rules of antisepsis before injecting the product.
It is convenient to massage the area after the infiltration and make the patient walk during 10-15 minutes.
Use gloves for protection during the application.
Be cautious when using in animals with signs of dehydration, shock, and renal or liver pathologies.


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