Nopanic (or No Panic) – 3 ml


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All horses, especially those destined to sport and competition, are exposed to stress. It is essential that the horses work calmly and concentrated so that the training and the competition are progressively satisfactory.

 NOPANIC is an effective tranquilizer for horses that get nervous before a race, competition or transport, compromising their performance.

As escape animals that are, horses react sensitively to external environmental stimuli. Some animals are especially scary and therefore difficult to handle on a day to day basis. Mountaineering can become an adventure in these cases. These behavioral patterns are exacerbated by certain stressors, such as excessive exertion during training or competition, lack of movement, transfer of horses, change of stable, irregular feeding schedules or problems Of hierarchies in herds.

NOPANIC Benefits:

  • Suitable for sport horses
  • Reduces stress in changes during transportation
  • Reduces stress before any competition
  • Great tranquilizer for nervous horses
  • Increases the psychic strength of the horse in all stress situations


Horses / Camels: Between 1 – 3 ml before the race – IV


3 ml




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