RABIA I PET-GUARD – Tornel – 24 dose


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For the prevention of the disease of rabies or hydrophobia in dogs and cats. Made with rabies virus PV (Pasteur strain), using as cell substrate the BHK-21 line, clone 13, inactivated with beta-propiolactone, adsorbed on aluminum hydroxide gel as adjuvant and preservative.

USE IN: Canines and Felines

ROUTE OF ADMINISTRATION: Deep intramuscular.

DOSE: 1 mL. Revaccination is recommended annually.

WARNINGS: The vaccine should only be applied to healthy animals. Store refrigerated at temperatures between 4 and 8 ° C. Avoid heating or freezing. Like any other biological product, anaphylactic reactions can be triggered after its application. Antidote: Apply epinephrine followed by symptomatic therapy.

RECOMMENDATIONS: Apply from 20 to 24 weeks of age, revaccinate annually. Handle aseptically, apply only with new sterile syringes and needles. Keep out of reach of children. Do not expose yourself to sunlight. In sick, malnourished, parasitized, stressed, immunocompromised animals or those found in adverse environmental conditions or if the vaccine is administered without following laboratory instructions, a protective immune response may not develop.

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