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DX5  it’s a  Fast Dexa ultra concentrated : 50mg/ml or 5%
DX5 contains a dexa molecule of rapid pharmacokinetics (from its assimilation until its excretion, the maximum impact life is a few hours), it´s a glucocorticoid, which is produced at the limit of saturation of solubility (in temperature range), which allows develop a very concentrated product, possibly the most powerful dexa of the current worldwide market.
You must understand that it´s a very concentrated product. This has some advantages that differentiates it with other dexas, but you must know how to use it.

Let’s talk about many things :


The special thing about the DX5, is the chemistry to develop the solution and stability in high percentage .. 5% = 50mg/ml.

1 bottle of DX5 (10ml) is equivalent to 500ml (one-half liter) of one of 0,1% or (0,1% = 1mg/ml)

A standardized dose for racing products is 5 ml, then ..
When you want to apply 5 ml of dexa 0.1%, you would only use 0.1 ml (one tenth of a milliliter) to achieve an equivalent dose.

It´s good to know this ratio, to be able to make quick calculations:
Standard dose for the race:
To achieve the effect of one dexa 0.1% or 1 mg / ml using another product, you should apply 0,1ml (one tenth of a milliliter) of DX5.

..Let’s calculate the doses for Race …


Then, dosage for standard race:
Effect equivalent to 0.1% dexa (1mg/ml)  => you must be applied 0,1ml of DX5
Effect equivalent to 0.2% dexa (2mg/ml) => you must be applied 0,2ml of DX5
Effect equivalent to 0.3% dexa (3mg/ml) => you must be applied 0,3ml of DX5
Effect equivalent to 0.4% dexa (4mg/ml) => you must be applied 0,4ml of DX5
Effect equivalent to 0.5% dexa (5mg/ml) => you must be applied 0,5ml of DX5


– The standard dose for race: from 0,1 ml (one tenth of a milliliter) to 0,5 ml (half a milliliter) of DX5.
– The maximum dose is not recommended to exceed 1 ml.
– Not use more than 5 consecutive days.
– It´s convenient that you suspend DX5 at least 1 day before the race so that you will – not be penalized in the competition.
– If you compete in Qatar, suspend the product 48 hours before.
– If you use 0.1 ml for 3 days only, you can use it up to 12 hours before the race
– Use precision syringe, (similar to measure insulin ),  should be able to accurately measure 0.1 ml

precision syringe

Precision Syringe

MIX: The TRUE POWER of  DX5 !!

– Actually DX5, has been developed to be used as a supplementer of products, especially RPM Trigger.

Dalvet developed a Race Formula, “RPM trigger“. This product is developed to be prepared with 1 ml or 2 ml of DX5.

RPM trigger It´s a powder + liquid product, to mix:



If you want RPM trigger with dexa 0.1% it suffices to place 1 ml of DX5 to obtain a product with dexa 0.1%

If you want a RPM Trigger like a “Dexacortyl” dexa ratio , you should place 2 ml of DX5 in RPM trigger.

If you have a bottle of vitamins, or amino acids, or just 50ml Sterile Water, you can put in a small dose of DX5 and get a very powerful product.

That is the reason for being so concentrated, occupies very little volume when mixing.


– RPM Trigger with 1 ml of DX5 = dexa 0,1% (1mg/ml) + Pre Race Formula
– RPM Trigger with 2 ml of DX5 = dexa 0,2% (1mg/ml)+ Pre Race Formula
– RPM Trigger with 3 ml of DX5 = dexa 0,3% (mg/ml) + Pre Race Formula
– RPM Trigger with 4 ml of DX5 = dexa 0,4% (mg/ml) + Pre Race Formula

Dosage of RPM trigger + DX5 Formula
It´s advisable to use a dose of 5 ml / day, no more than 5 days, IV or IM.

  • Suspend 24 (0.1% to 0.2%) to 36 (more than 3.0%) hours before the race.
  • in Qatar, suspend 48 hours before the race.


DX5 COMPARATIONSTabla comparativa de potencia 001Tabla comparativa de potencia 002Tabla comparativa de potencia 003Tabla comparativa de potencia 004Tabla comparativa de potencia 005Tabla comparativa de potencia 006Tabla comparativa de potencia 007

1 glass bottle of 10 ml

each ml:
5g Dexamethasone 21-phosphate, disodium
100 ml Excipients

dexamethasone 21-phosphate, disodium

1º Absorption: absorbed rapidly.
2º Metabolism: mainly hepatic (fast); Also renal and tissue; the biggest to inactive metabolites.
3º Excretion: mainly by metabolism, followed by renal excretion of the Metabolites.
4º Plasma half-life: is approximately 3 to 4.5 h. Max plasmatic 3.5 to 3.8 hs
5º Protein binding: high.


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