Strong Liver – 50 ml


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Strong Liver Stimulates hepatic regenerative Activity. Detoxifier. Stimulating action on the functions of the digestive organs, eith increased secretion ofpancreatic juice and pepsin.


It´s indicated in the treatment of all diseases accompanied by liver failure. Food poisoning, ketosis, loss of appetite, Bloating, as an adjunct in the specific treatment of gastrointestinal parasitosis.


Thioctic Acid 800 mg

DL – Methinine 6000 mg

B12 Vitamin 8.5 mg

Methylparaben 480 mg

Sodium Hydroxide 200mg

Exp. 100 ml


50 ml vial, injectable solution

Dose in Horses and camels:

5 ml every day for 5 days. It last 10 days dosis.

The high content of methionine makes it an explosive recuperator and very energetic, unfortunately this limits its maximum use to 5 days so as not to cause toxicity or adverse reactions


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Weight 145 g

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