TRIPLE-PET GUARD – Tornel – 12bottles x 1ml


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To prevent distemper, viral hepatitis, respiratory disease caused by adenovirus type 2 and leptospirosis in canines. TRIPLE PET-GUARD® is developed for the application of primary vaccination schedules in puppies and revaccination in adult canines. It is produced with the Buzzell strain of canine distemper, the CAV2 strain of canine adenovirus type 2, selected for their highly immunogenic characteristics, and the six serovars of L. interrogans that occur most frequently in canines and dogs are integrated into its formulation. its owners (L. canicola, L. icterohaemorrhagiae, L. pomona, L. tarassovi, L. wolffi and L. grippotyphosa). Viral strains are cloned to give the vaccine maximum stability, it has a high antigenicity as it is produced with a reduced number of tissue culture passages, and it has adequate viral titers that adhere to the corresponding Official Mexican Standard (NOM). TRIPLE PET-GUARD® is made with modified live viruses, grown in homologous cell lines of canine origin, which, when replicated in the body, induce a solid and long-lasting humoral and cellular immunity. It contains the oil adjuvant Inmunoset® that stimulates the immune system for a longer time and in a controlled way.


1 mL. Puppies should receive at least 3 doses every 15 days. Adult canines should be revaccinated annually or semi-annually depending on their risk of environmental exposure.


Freeze-dried fraction:
Canine morbillivirus (Buzzell strain).
Canine adenovirus type 2 (CAV2 strain).
LEPTOCAN® liquid fraction containing six serovars of Leptospira interrogans (L. canicola, L. icterohaemorrhagiae, L. wolffi, L. pomona, L. grippothyphosa and L. tarassovi), inactivated, stabilized and adsorbed in Inmunoset® oil adjuvant.

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