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AICAR is a peptide that is recommended for endurance sports and long distance races, with dramatic effects on fat burning.
It is ironically called the muscle trainer without exercise.

AICAR activates AMPK, an AMP-activated protein kinase. It accumulates when a cell is deprived of energy. The cells detect a lower energy of the effort, calculating the concentration of the AMP. In turn, they strive to activate the AMPK. Then AMPK converts energy sources like fatty acids into ATP fairly quickly.

Finally, after activating AMPK, AICAR stimulates fat loss after exercise by causing cells to think that energy reserves have been decreased.

It is often used a lot in the field of horse racing and not so recommended in camel racing.
When used as a degreaser or fat burner the long-lasting effect is sought, however in the field, the effect is often cut when the competition ends with products such as mildec to control the pulsations.

It´s very important to keep hepatotocicity controlled with the consumption of aicar.


  • Increased strength and strength
  • Rapid muscle toning and recovery
  • Increased cardiovascular performance
  • Significant weight loss =>lean muscle
  • Decreased body fat
  • speed gain
  • resistance gain on long races


AICAR (5-amino-imidazol-4-carboxamida-1-β-D-ribofuranosida, 5-amino-imidazol-4-carboxamida ribonucleósido, acadesina) 50 mg powder

2 vials of 10 ml : 1 diluent water and 1 powder

(Diluted with steril water)
Use 2 cc every two days.
Total of 5 shots , the last shot before the race, as close as possible

It’s very important!! Once the powder has dissolved it´s stored in a refrigerator. Even, it can be frozen so that the product does not degrade.
If´t is not conserved with cold,  the product lost power exponentially with time.

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